Video has become in the last 10 years the number 1 tool for the diffusion of information and all types of messages, especially on digital media and social networks. The mastery of audiovisual tools and the different techniques linked to these tools such as motion design is an excellent way to guarantee a professional future. It is above all the way to communicate a message often promotional or informative through filmed or animated images. This will be better conveyed and understood. These disciplines involve understanding or creating a scripted narrative as well as a set of audiovisual and graphic elements that will animate the elements of it.

Students are trained in the various techniques in use: shooting, editing, creation of film or TV credits, music videos or advertisements, television dressing, banners for the web or apps. They must master and understand the client’s request, define or take into account the creative axis and the use of a graphic charter. They work on a wide variety of projects led by working professionals.

This program is designed for students or working professionals who wish to specialise more specifically in this new field of expertise while starting or continuing a professional career or personal projects.
The courses take place at the CAD at a rate of 2 half-days per week from October to June inclusive. This rhythm of study allows you to work in parallel to your courses during the school year. The pedagogical cost of the program can be covered by a company or an institution.


  • Shooting and sound recording
  • Script and storyboard
  • Editing
  • Modeling
  • Animation software
  • Story board
  • After effect
  • Motion illustration
  • Tutored project


for these 3 new CAD SPECIALIsATIONS – session 23-24:

The tuition fees is 3,600 EUR and are to be paid as follows:

  • 300 EUR + 1,100 EUR i.e. 1,400 EUR (first third of the fees) at registration,
  • EUR 1,100 (second third of the fees) by 30 June
  • 1,100 EUR (third part of the fees) by 15 September

ATTENTION: 12 places maximum per specialisation.


Bank details of the CAD

BNP Paribas Fortis : IBAN BE93 0017 2185 3767 – BIC GEBABEBB
ING : IBAN BE45 3631 3208 9889 – BIC BBRUBEBB
Belfius : IBAN BE85 0689 3121 7306 – BIC GKCCBEBB


The CAD does not accept checks. Tuition fees must be paid into one of the school’s bank accounts. For international transfers, bank charges are at the expense of the originator.
Tuition fees remain as announced at the time of registration for the entire program (except for repeaters in the first year if the price increases) unless inflation exceeds 5% per year, in which case the fees will be indexed.
Since the number of students admitted each year is limited, the full tuition is due even in case of withdrawal or exclusion from the course.