A Summer School

is organized in September for those whose levels in English and/or drawing need improvement.


The annual tuition fees for the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate programmes are 8,700 EUR (8,400 EUR + 300 EUR registration fees*) and are to be paid as follows:

  • 2,800 EUR + 300 EUR – ie 3,100 EUR (first instalment), at registration,
  • 2,800 EUR (second instalment) by June 30,
  • 2,800 EUR (third instalment) by September 15.

The annual tuition fees for the Postgraduate part-time programmes are 4,800 EUR (4,500 EUR + 300 EUR registration fees*) and are to be paid as follows:

  • 1,500 EUR + 300 EUR – ie 1,800 EUR (first instalment), at registration,
  • 1,500 EUR (second instalment) by June 30,
  • 1,500 EUR (third instalment) by September 15.



for these 4 new CAD SPECIALIZATIONS – session 22-23:

The tuition fees are 3.600 EUR instead of 4.800 EUR and are to be paid as follows:

  • 300 EUR + 1.100 EUR i.e. 1.400 EUR (first third of the fees) at registration,
  • EUR 1,100 (second third of the fees) by 30 June
  • 1.100 EUR (third part of the fees) by 15 September

ATTENTION: 12 places maximum per specialization.


In case of a double Postgraduate part-time programmes, the tuition fees are 7,800 EUR (4,500 EUR + 3.000 EUR + 300 EUR registration fees*).

Note however that there is a staggered payment possible for some Belgian residents (upon acceptance and subject to a surcharge of 300 EUR)

* Registration fees: this amount covers the general administrative costs as well as individual insurance (taken out by the CAD) in case of accident at the school.

Bank details of the CAD

  • BNP Paribas Fortis : IBAN BE93 0017 2185 3767 – BIC GEBABEBB
  • ING : IBAN BE07 3101 9407 5666 – BIC BBRUBEBB
  • Belfius : IBAN BE85 0689 3121 7306 – BIC GKCCBEBB


  •  The CAD does not accept checks. Tuition fees must be paid directly to one of the college’s bank accounts. For international transfers, bank fees are at the charge of the payer.
  • Tuition fees will remain constant over the complete academic cycle (except for students who repeat their first year, if the price were to increase) except if inflation were to exceed the annual 5%, in which case the fees would be appropriately adjusted.
  • There is a limited number of students admitted each year; tuition fees must hence be paid in full regardless of abandonment or exclusion from courses.


The CAD completes forms and certificates for family allowances, STIB and SNCB subscriptions, etc.