The CAD attaches great importance to mind openness and to the development of general knowledge and, more specifically, to the development of the artistic culture of its students; this is one of the highlights of the CAD.

This is for this reason that the college organises many exhibitions and gallery visits, study trips, workshops and conferences, both in Brussels and in various locations around the world.

For example, students in preparatory year will go and visit exhibitions and galleries every Friday. They are travelling from Brussels to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne, Dusseldorf, …

Indeed, at the CAD, we believe it is impossible to become a great creative if you do not know the history of art in addition to having interests in contemporary art, architecture, design, cinema, music, photography, the “street art”,  fashion, … In summary, all past and present forms of expression. To achieve this goal, the CAD organises many cultural visits and an annual study trip to a city with high artistic value (usually one year in New York or Chicago, and the other in a European Capital, like Berlin or Milan for example)

Finally, at the CAD itself, the students live and work in the midst of contemporary art on display within the college.