New Programme at the CAD: FASHION & TEXTILE DESIGN

By 19 February 2020News

Fashion design is evolving. Designers are now choosing materials that are more respectful of the planet, they are designing eco-responsible clothes, they are giving clothing second lives, they are working with new so-called intelligent textiles and they are apprehending the technologies of tomorrow.

To respond to these developments, the creation of a new FASHION & TEXTILE DESIGN programme as of next September seemed like a logical next step for the CAD.

The training of future creatives begins with the development of their artistic culture, their curiosity, the sense of proportions, volumes, materials, fabrics, colors …

Throughout this 3-year cycle, the student will develop his creativity to be able to provide innovative solutions in his concepts. In addition, the college will teach him Art Direction to prepare him for the real life of a fashion design house: visual identity of a clothing line, presentation of products, photography, the different components of a fashion design house…

He will also complete many internships. What better way to prepare him for the reality and the challenges of these beautiful, creative professions with a bright future?

More info soon.

©D. Libert