News from our Alumni: Amandine Marot

By 13 August 2019News

I am an Interior & Product Designer, CAD graduate.

Amandine Marot, who graduated from CAD in 2016.

What has been your professional path since you graduated from CAD? What do you do for a living now?

After my graduation as an interior architect and designer, it took me a little time to decide what I really wanted to do. I finally decided to send my first portfolio to studios that really inspired me by their projects and ethics. After two or three months of patience, I officially became a junior interior designer at Pinkeye (Wewantmore) studio in Antwerp. My first work experience was really enriching professionally but also personally. I got the chance to have responsibilities, to be really creative, to gain new skills, and meet great people. After a year, I decided to try my luck in Amsterdam. I always had this idea to work for Concrete, a well-known studio. I am now working there since September!

In what way did CAD help you get where you are today?

There are lots of things which helped me a lot actually like the rigor, the hard work, … But what really stood out at CAD is the fact that you get the opportunity to become both an interior and a product designer. It is really interesting to have this opportunity because you develop another way of thinking. Next to that, you are taught by professionals active in their field and that is something unique. Lastly, the opportunity to do several internships abroad or in Belgium is enriching. Applying for a job, working in an office, communicate with professionals, that all really helps you to enter the work force.

Please describe one big project you have recently been working on.

I am now working on Zoku designed by Concrete. Zoku is a new hotel category that will mark the end of the hotel room as we know it. The new “work-­meets-­play” hotel concept has been created for the global nomad. Facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional, Zoku – Japanese for family, tribe or clan – disrupts the hotel industry. Zoku is a relaxed place to live, work and socialise with like­minded people while getting wired into the city. Zoku is now going global which means no time to rest for us!

What do find most enjoyable?

What I enjoy the most is the challenge that I confront daily in the studio. It could be anything, like a new skill to learn, a new software, new sketching techniques, … Stepping out of my comfort zone, this is what is like to be a creative.

What did you find most challenging about CAD?

Talking about challenge, CAD was definitely one of the biggest so far. When I applied at CAD, I couldn’t really draw (professionally), use Photoshop or even speak English actually. From my first day on, I was not in my comfort zone. However, the small classes and friendly environment made me feel at home quickly.

What is your best memory at CAD?

The best memories that I had was to be able to use my hands creating models, paintings or photography and more crazy things. It was really rewarding to always look for new techniques, to bring this idea in my head to life. Now my parents’ house is sort of a mini museum of my own student’s projects which is pretty cool! Also, we had the opportunity to travel around the world with our class, we went to Chicago, China, and more. It is something pretty incredible and unforgettable.