News from our Alumni: Laura Soave

By 3 August 2019News

I am an INTERACTIVE DESIGNER, a graduate of CAD.

Laura Soave, graduated from CAD in 2014.

What is your current job ?

I am currently Senior Interactive Designer at These Days Y&R agency in Antwerp. I have been working here for about 2 years and an half. Before that I was freelancing for different agencies, also in Antwerp. I’m currently working for Pioneer DJ, Telenet, Microsoft, Danone, Mazda and other important clients. I do web design, social media design, and branding from time to time.

In what way did CAD help you get where you are today ?

CAD helped me a lot in where I am now, because teachers used to challenge me the same way the client does today. I have also learned that it’s important to prepare more than one proposition for a presentation of a concept or design.

What else can you tell us?

I have also learned to never stop creating outside of the everyday job, that usually all the good and beautiful ideas stay locked on a hard drive. Being able to «sell» the skills I acquired at CAD is also another big added value : the way you present yourself is key, and I learned that during «Presentation skills» classes taught by a great teacher we had, Dirk Daenen.

Tell us about your graduation project ?

CAD also helped me achieve one of my dreams: being published. My graduation project, where I completely rebranded “Kikkoman”, the soy sauce brand, was one of the most incredible projects I have ever worked on. Being published in a book («Emmenez-moi s’il-vous-plaît» by Designer Books publishing house) was a very nice reward for all the effort I had put in.

What’s your best memory of CAD ?

The workshops! We worked in teams with students of other sections and other colleges, often British colleges, on a particular briefing. We received the brief on Monday and needed to present in front of a jury on the Friday, so 5 days and 4 nights to imagine and deliver a full project. But this intense team work was an incredible experience.