News from our Alumni: Hélène Van Marcke

By 20 March 2018News


Hélène Van Marcke, graduated from CAD en 2010.

Interior architect and designer, that sounds like an exciting job! Where did you get the idea?

You will not believe me but it goes back to my childhood. I found a friendship book where I answered the question «what do you want to be later?» architect, interior architect or veterinary surgeon. I must have been 7 or 8 years old at the time. I finally chose the path to a creative job.

How did you choose your college?

I considered an architectural college in Paris and other colleges in Brussels. But finally, CAD was the natural choice; because of its size, its Anglo-Saxon teaching method, its small classes and its atmosphere. The atmosphere is serious while having a friendly vibe. I did not regret my choice.

What are the strong points of CAD compared to other colleges?

Without hesitation, the teachers. Unlike what happens at other colleges, they are all top working professionals, renowned in their field, who share their know-how, their passion and teach us the path to success. And because the classes are small, they literally give us tailor-made classes and offer us a very customised education.

You graduated in 2010 Magna Cum Laude. And after?

4 months before graduation, Charlotte Perelman had already made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I immediately left for Paris where I worked as a project manager. With her CMP Studio, we worked on several restaurants in New York, on a lot of high-end residential project as well as on furniture design.

I also had the opportunity to collaborate for 10 years with my mentor Georges Van Rijk. He taught me to develop my critical sense, to question myself, to develop my perfectionism. In the meantime, I set up my office and started working for myself between Ghent and Paris. I won a Dynamo Young Designer Award and exhibited my first pieces of furniture in several major salons. At the moment, I’m working on another apartment in Paris, on a few prototypes of furniture and a 4-star hotel. As you can see, I have fun and I have a lot of work! What more could I wish for?