News of our Alumni : Fauve Troiano

By 27 February 2018News

I am a UX Graphic & Web Designer, a graduate of CAD.

Fauve Troiano, graduated from CAD in 2013.

What has been your professional path since you graduated from the CAD ?

When I left the CAD, I was hired by Arts Square, a graphic design agency dedicated to dealing with luxury clients (eg Leading Hotels of the World, Jaeger Lecoultre, Tollet, Mogambo Yacht, Daily Bread, Villa Lorraine, …), I stayed there 2 years and a half before turning to UX Design. I then worked at Anais Digital for 1 year and a half, working in team with a UX Researcher to work on various complex projects like Infobel, Beobank Pro Center, Mainsys, P & V, …

I am now (and since June 2017) working as a freelance UX Graphic & Web Designer.

In what way did the CAD help you get where you are today ?

This college was a great life experience, I loved learning and surpassing myself in this place surrounded by top professionals. These professionals inspired me and pushed me to always give the best of me. It is thanks to this learning that I always wanted to deliver the best to the teams I worked with and now to my clients.

Please describe one or two big projects you have recently been working on for your employer and/or for your own clients.

At Anais Digital I worked on a mobile application for Vlan from the Rossel group. A project that took a long time to mature through a multitude of interviews and user tests. I worked with a UX Researcher. Those are projects that are extremely interesting and rewarding because of their complexity.

One area that I particularly like is print, that’s why today I want to mix and find a balance between my web and print clients. One of my new clients as a freelancer is the Be Perfect magazine that I started to design from their second edition on. This magazine is luxurious and sleek, with very interesting articles and beautiful photographs, which is everything I love. Moreover, it’s a real pleasure to work with this client!

What do find most enjoyable about your job ?

The most enjoyable thing was to learn a lot from two different agencies, one focused on luxury and the other on the user. And that’s what I’m trying to do / create today through my new freelancer status : think about the user while offering a sleek design, which easy to use and enjoyable to watch. Finding this balance between beauty and usability is very challenging!

What did you find most challenging about the CAD ?

This college was a great challenge for me, because it did not bring me the answers of a “beautiful design” on a silver platter, it was necessary to work a lot (even more than that!) to reach my objectives and those of the classes. It was necessary to try, undo, redo, work again and again by yourself to get there, and that is the key. Everyone has their graphic style and this school does not impose one on us, it allows us to improve ourselves, following our own style. The challenge was not only to satisfy the teachers, but to satisfy oneself (which is practically difficult if one is a perfectionist).

What is your best memory at the CAD ?

Graduation at the end of my 4th year, a moment of relief and joy mixed with the nostalgia to leave this place and those people who accompanied us during these 4 years.