News from our Alumni : Alexandra Coppieters

By 6 February 2018News


Alexandra Coppieters, graduated from CAD in 2014.

Alexandra, you graduated from CAD in 2014. What are you doing now?

I launched a year ago my own office of interior architecture and design in Brussels under the name of AC Interiors (

Could you tell us about your most ambitious project?

Caulier, a renowned Belgian beer brand, contacted me two years ago to design their new concept of “gastro-pub”. Working full time in Brussels, it was a big challenge for me as the first pub was going to be in Rome. However, I took the opportunity and it was an incredible adventure. We have just opened the “Brasserie 28” at Brussels Central Station. My collaboration with Caulier resulted in new projects that allowed me to make the leap and launch my business. My days are now devoted to great clients who give me their trust to create their residential, office or commercial project.

How did CAD help you get where you are today?

There are several aspects! The practical approach of each project pushes us to learn by working with the real constraints as we meet them later with our customers. The chance to have renowned active professionals as teachers makes learning all the more interesting and stimulating. The CAD approach also teaches us how to present our projects and communicate in order to convince. Finally, the many internships that we have to complete during these 5 years of studies give us confidence to approach the professional life better armed.

Could you share an anecdote that you experienced at CAD?

The June juries have always been a real challenge. We had to present two big projects: one of interior architecture and one of design. We had to come up with a coherent and effective presentation, in English, while we often only had a few hours sleep the nights before ! At the time, I never thought I would talk about it again with pleasure and nostalgia ! (Laughter).