The Success Story of Andrea and her video projected in all UGC movie theaters

By 11 August 2019News

The Motion Design of a CAD student in all UGC cinemas

Andrea Oerter, graduated from CAD in 2018.

Following the release of her video for UGC in cinemas, on television and on many print media, Andrea Oerter, a recent CAD graduate, talks about what led her to this project.

You did a project for your graduation jury, and this project is now on the cinema screens, screened several times a day. How did this happen?

Among the jury members was Philippe Warzée, CEO of Pub Magazine. After seeing me defend my project, he put me in contact with Bruno Plantin-Carrenard, CEO of UGC Belgium. At that moment, we’re in July and I just started to work for EVO Group. It is later, at the end of October, that UGC contacted me again to carry out their end-of-year promotional campaign. I of course accepted.

How do you feel about the idea that a CAD jury can lead to a very positive practical work experience?

It’s very paradoxical because juries are quite challenging moments as a student. We must defend in a short time the work of two or three months. We think we are ready but we never really are. And I certainly did not expect that! Even if I was maybe secretly hoping for something like that to happen.

What led you to choose UGC as a subject for your jury?

I really like cinema. I live near the UGC in Toison d’Or, and it’s a reflex to go see a lot of movies rather than watch TV for example. I even have a subscription! UGC’s products spoke to me particularly, and I know them well: their strengths, like their weaker points, the ones I decided to work on. It was even more encouraging to discover that their logo had been modernised by the time I started the project. They therefore had a real desire to evolve and eventually to reposition themselves. I thought I was on the right track.

How did your jury go?

There are always little worries in such tense moments, but I think the popcorns I brought for the members of the jury made them smile. All in all I was pretty happy with my performance. I was able to present and defend my positions, and the work was there.

Do you have any advice for students currently at CAD? Maybe to prepare for their juries precisely?

You have to go beyond your limits, to feel comfortable with yourself and to be able to trust yourself when D-Day comes. Work always pays.

Andrea’s video is available here.