This very open specialisation is aimed at people who like to sew, create, transform, recycle…
The profiles of the participants (maximum 12) will be very varied: from the student who has already followed a Fashion Design course and who dreams, why not, of launching his or her own brand, to people who already know how to sew but who want to perfect their skills and learn new methods in the creation and construction of more elaborate garments and sewing techniques.

We want to make a “multi-generational class” and above all create an atmosphere of mutual help between the participants because obviously some will be more creative and others more technical.

The teacher helps the student to design the piece (styling) and then to make it (modelling and sewing).

The course is divided into 2 half-days of 4 hours each.
Monday afternoons are mainly focused on creation (styling) and on the evolution of the work.
Thursday mornings focus on pattern making and sewing.

At the beginning of the term, each participant will choose the work they wish to develop (and may also choose from a list of projects proposed by the school).

Here are some examples:
– I would like to make an evening dress
– I would like to make a blouse, a suit, a coat…
– I want to make clothes for my children
– I want to make clothes in my size
– I want to recycle and customise old clothes
– I would like help to create my own brand

In short, I would like to have the support of professionals to carry out my personal projects.


for these 4 new CAD SPECIALISATIONS – session 22-23:

The tuition fees are 3,600 EUR and are to be paid as follows:

  • 300 EUR + 1,100 EUR i.e. 1,400 EUR (first third of the fees) at registration,
  • EUR 1,100 (second third of the fees) by 30 June
  • 1,100 EUR (third part of the fees) by 15 September

ATTENTION: 12 places maximum per specialisation.


Bank details of the CAD

BNP Paribas Fortis : IBAN BE93 0017 2185 3767 – BIC GEBABEBB
ING : IBAN BE45 3631 3208 9889 – BIC BBRUBEBB
Belfius : IBAN BE85 0689 3121 7306 – BIC GKCCBEBB


The CAD does not accept checks. Tuition fees must be paid into one of the school’s bank accounts. For international transfers, bank charges are at the expense of the originator.
Tuition fees remain as announced at the time of registration for the entire program (except for repeaters in the first year if the price increases) unless inflation exceeds 5% per year, in which case the fees will be indexed.
Since the number of students admitted each year is limited, the full tuition is due even in case of withdrawal or exclusion from the course.