International Workshop in SHANGHAI

By 3 May 2015News

3 institutions: Shanghai University, School of Design Nantes, and CAD Brussels
CAD Year 3 Students – INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN and DIGITAL ADVERTISING & DESIGN sections – participated in this workshop in early April.
Several students took advantage of their trip by visiting Beijing, the Great Wall, Hong Kong, etc.
Others preferred to visit deep into central China by train, bus or bicycle: Tongli (the little Venice of China), Hangzhou (luxurious city on the banks of a huge lake) … in short, all of the regions around Shanghai.
This workshop was interesting because the students alternated working in the Chinese Studio with visiting fishermen, traders, residents of Lilongs, etc.
This experience helped them to better understand China’s old sections in the face of contemporary China.
Here is the first of three videos of their trip.

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