International INTERNSHIPS

By 3 May 2015News


Student in Year 5 – INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN section.

At the CAD in the final year, students have to do 2 x 3-month internships before returning to school to prepare their juries graduation.

Karine did 6 month internship in Boston in WOJR, an architectural office (± 10 people).
This small design office is associated with the New York office PARA PROJECTS for larger projects.

I liked:

At the end of my 3rd year in CAD, I made a 3-month internship in Tokyo in an architecture and design office.  It was a very rewarding experience.
I wanted for my end-study internship (6 months) to find a different mentality and a different way of creating.  That’s why I applied for the United States, and I was accepted in this office in Boston.

The work was extremely interesting in this university town, a great place to live.  I was staying in a house with 3 studios in Cambridge, a residential area of Boston.

I realize that the training I had for 4 years in CAD, allowed me to feel comfortable in most circumstances both creatively and technically.  I truly believe that working with the CAD method, taught by leading professionals, is of great wealth.

I arrived at the right time because I took a vacancy, so I inherited a lot of interesting work and responsibilities.
Moreover, my boss teaches at MIT, and I had the opportunity to attend some courses and lectures in this prestigious school.

After 3 months of collaboration, the bosses designated me responsible for a small project in Miami.

Finally, I took advantage of this stay of 6 months to visit lots of beautiful buildings such as Frank Lloyd Wright to Walter Gropius, Louis Kahn, Calatrava and many others that I dreamed of seeing in Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Washington.  I also had the opportunity to go to Fort Worth, Texas to see the museum designed by Tadao Ando.

I’ll graduate next June.  I expect to search for a job in London or Zurich but I am very open for my professional future.