News of our Alumni : Jérémy Thomas

By 15 January 2018News


Jérémy Thomas, graduated from CAD in 2010.

What has been your professional path since you graduated from CAD ?

Next year, I’ll be celebrating 10 years on track. I started as a graphic designer to pay off my studies within a company selling scooters. After graduating from CAD, I started as a web designer, collaborating with several Digital companies and step by step I became as a Customer Experience expert. I’ve had the chance to travel worldwide for my job. Today, I’m the Experience Research & Design Team Lead within DigitasLBi Benelux (part of Publicis One).

Could you describe one of your typical workdays ?

There’re all different. Driving constantly on the same road would drive me crazy. But basically, I attend meetings, make solid reviews, design platforms, conduct workshops, eat lunch with the team or the client when I get the opportunity.

What parts of your job do you find the most challenging ?

A recruiter once asked me why they shoudn’t be hiring me. I simply replied that if they were not willing to make changes, I wasn’t the right person. So basically, what challenges me the most, is when I can contribute to change.

What do you find the most enjoyable ?

Leading a team and the nonstop sharing of knowledge that I benefit from every single day. It empowers me to increase my leading skills. I learn by human interaction and love sharing it around me.

What is your best memory of CAD ?

Besides the international workshops, definitely the New-York study trip with the boys. I think we slept 10 hours the entire week and had intense visiting days in between. Not sure I’d be able to hold the line the same way nowadays.

Who were your favorite teachers ? Why ?

As far as I remember, pretty much all teachers, all top working professionals. But I particularly appreciated Cedric Rainotte’s enthusiasm, Georges Petkidis’ encouragement, Jack and Laurent Durieux’s tremendous talent and Nathalie Gouzée’s professionalism.