News from our Alumni: Laurent Couche

By 5 August 2019News

I am a “Creative Director”, a graduate from CAD.

Laurent Couche, graduated from CAD in 2004.

What has been your professional path since you graduated from the CAD?

After graduation I pursued my traveling “itch” and found myself in Bangkok, a city that I immediately liked.

My first job was with a small French company based here. I then met the founder of Bangkok’s first – and most successful – food delivery organisation and worked for him on marketing and design projects. Having found my feet in Bangkok, I opened my own Design Agency 10 years ago.

Today, I am the Partner & Creative Director of Asia Media Studio – a leading Branding, Print & Digital Design Agency based in Bangkok with an international portfolio of blue-chip clients.

In what way did the CAD help you get where you are today?

Undoubtedly, CAD has a very high caliber of teachers and I learned a lot from the members of the staff whom I interacted with. What I also appreciated was that we weren’t “led by the hand” but, rather, provided with the guidance to develop ourselves, as people and as creative minds.

Could you describe one of your typical workdays?

It’s a long one! I start by summarising my tasks for the day, after which I have a regular morning meeting with my team to ensure all our current projects are moving in the right direction. I will spend a good deal of time reviewing designs and working with individual designers to ensure top quality output. There are inevitably at least two existing or prospective client meetings every day, and, of course, a stack of emails and paperwork to deal with!

What do find most enjoyable in your job?

Knowing we have completed a job well, and that our client is happy. There is no feeling like it!

What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

In a thriving city where job opportunities abound, it can be difficult to build and lead a team of committed, talented, individualistic designers, especially with the added challenge of the language and culture differences. At the moment, things are very good…

Why did you choose for CAD?

The teaching environment and class structure were excellent, compared with other establishments. Also, the fact that all teachers are active and renowned professionals.

What did you like most about CAD?

Teamwork – I learned a lot about people and relationships whilst I was at CAD. What was also great was the openness and willingness of the teachers to share their own experiences.