The future

of motion design lies in the merging and interactivity of the media (tv, internet, telephone, mobile devices, etc.).

Specialisation in UX & MOTION DESIGN

2 years – 120 ECTS
Prerequisite: 3 successful years in a relevant field.

UX and MOTION DESIGN are two different but complementary disciplines.


The User Experience (UX) is the process of improving the satisfaction of users of a product by improving the usability, accessibility and enjoyment of interacting with the product. UX designers are in great demand.


Motion Design or more precisely “Motion Graphic Design” is the art of giving life to graphic elements such as images, photos, illustrations, pictograms, typography, video, 3D … while synchronizing with a chosen sound. These different creative animations can be used for advertising films, animations of interfaces (web, mobile …), video productions (music clips, movie credits …) or to create graphic universes in different domains (visual identities, video games, …).


During this specialisation, students move away from “traditional courses” to work on larger projects where teachers act as coaches at different stages of the projects.

Agile methodologies are used in start-ups and small agencies, where resources are limited, to deliver better products and improve operational efficiency. In these cross-functional environments, designers work hand-in-hand with many different experts to create a design vision and figure out how it can be built. It is therefore paramount that they understand and master all the different parts of the product creation, from initial ideation to final delivery.

Students who undertake the specialisation in UX & MOTION DESIGN will work according to this methodology and will learn to become autonomous, versatile, more profitable for the agency and therefore more sought after. They will quickly become project managers and / or the bosses of the agency they will have created, as they will be better able to lead and deal with different stakeholders.

1st Year, Quarter 1 – Focus on UX
Students must create a new application or completely rethink an existing application. The focus will be on the content (what does the user want, what is the path of this user …?) but also on the design of the application, while using the agile methodology. During this quarter, students are already getting ready for their Quarter 2 Motion Design projects by learning some software: After Effects – 2D Compositing – Photoshop – Sketch.

1st Year, Quarter 2 – Focus on Motion Design
Students work on a motion design project of their choice (information video, movie or TV series credits, storytelling video, …). In addition to their main project, students also have smaller projects (logo animation, video clip) to gain confidence with the main software.

1st Year, Quarter 3 (jury) – UX + Motion Design
Students must re-design an existing application. In parallel, they are working on a new motion design project of their choice. The style used for this second project must be different from the style used for their first project.

2nd Year
During this year, the student completes two 3-month internships in Motion Design and/or UX agencies. Then, the student follows 4 months of courses to carry out two graduation projects: those can be in UX and/or Motion design depending on the final specialisation chosen. The student presents those projects to a jury of professionals authorized to issue the CAD degree.

During the same period, he attends 160 hours of business management courses including accounting, tax, entrepreneurship, law, professional ethics …


1st Year

  • 10 weeks in a UX or Motion design agency between July and the end of October.
  • 3 weeks in a UX or Motion design agency during the Easter Period.

2nd Year

  • Two 3-month internships in a UX and/or Motion design agency between July and the end of February. At least one of the two internships must be completed abroad (outside Belgium and the student’s country of origin).

All internships must be submitted to the pedagogical committee for approval. The goal is indeed to develop, together with the student, a mix of internships as to achieve a complete training while taking the student’s future aspirations into account.