Tuition Fees


The overall annual tuition fee is € 8,100 (€ 7,800 + 300 EUR registration fee*).
 Once admitted, the candidate must pay the registration fee of € 300 and the first third of college fees (annual fees) of € 2,600. The second third is to be paid by June 30th, 2018 and the balance by September 15th, 2018.

Note, however, that for certain residents of Belgium (upon acceptance) there is a potential for deferred payment in three instalments.

For this option, tuition fees are then increased by € 300 (€ 8,400 total) and are as follows:

  1. € 300 + € 2,900 (first third of the fees) of € 3,200 upon admission;
  2. € 2,600 (second third of the fees) due by December 15th, 2018;
  3. € 2,600 (last third of the fees) due by March 15th, 2019.

The total, annual amount of tuition for the last year (Fifth year) is € 4,200 (€3,900 (half year) + €300).

* REGISTRATION FEE: this amount covers the general administrative costs as well as individual insurance in case of accident at the school underwritten by the CAD. It is nonrefundable, even in case of withdrawal.

Bank details CAD:

  • BNP Paribas Fortis  IBAN BE93 0017 2185 3767 – BIC GEBABEBB
  • ING IBAN BE45 3631 3208 9889 – BIC BBRUBEBB
  • Belfius IBAN BE85 0689 3121 7306 – BIC GKCCBEBB


  • The CAD does not accept checks. Tuition fees must be paid directly to the college’s bank account (or by cash). For transfers from abroad, bank charges are the responsibility of the payer, or student.
  • College fees are as announced at the time of registration for the complete academic cycle (except for students who repeat 1 year, if the price were to increase) except if inflation were to exceed the 5% annual, in which case the costs would be appropriately adjusted.
  • There is a limited number of students admitted each year; all college fees must be paid on time regardless of abandonment or exclusion from courses.


The CAD completes forms and certificates for family allowances, subscriptions STIB, SNCB, etc.

Beginning of Classes

Classes begin in late September.
 A Summer School Program is organised in September (3-week courses in both Drawing and English) for those whose levels in English and / or drawing need improvement. The decision to participate in these courses is made by administration during the interview process.