Our students will conduct their internships at the four corners of the earth.

Work placements, or internships, are very important to the CAD and are an integral part of the courses. That is why a student will do close to 1 year of internship throughout his/her studies at the CAD.

Those must be made in compliance with specific rules to allow the student to pass to the next year or to graduate.

These successive internships not only allow the students to be confronted with the reality of their future workplace but also to move gradually towards the specific area and type of agency or office that will suit them later.

It also allows them to build their professional network as well as their resume which will prove extremely useful once they graduate and start looking for a job.

During the last two years of their studies, students must complete three internships of 3 months each, of which at least one must be completed abroad (outside of Belgium and outside of the student’s country of origin).

We have seen that our students complete their internships around the world, returning to the CAD from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, Shanghai, Barcelona, New York, Montreal, London, Milan, Sydney,…