Module 1 : 3 years – 180 ECTS
Module 2 : 2 years – 120 ECTS
Total : 5 years – 300 ECTS

The trades of interior architect and designer have evolved a lot in recent years. These professionals must be able to arrange public, commercial or private spaces, draw furniture, accessories, imagine exhibitions, design cultural events …

On the other hand, a complementarity between architects and interior architects has developed over time. Indeed, the increasing technical, technological and regulatory constraints are increasingly monopolising architects. As a result, some parts of their former missions are now carried out by interior architects. These two professionals can realise projects individually but one also notes that they collaborate more and more, are on an equal footing because they have, today, the same level of studies, that is 5 years.

In addition to his qualities as an observer, his ability to find information and his spirit of synthesis, the interior architect & designer must first be a creative. He must also direct the different trades, subcontractors or manufacturers, control prices, deadlines and the proper execution of the work. Creativity and rigor are the keys to future success!

The CAD teaches students to address all aspects of the profession. This richness and this relationship with the reality of the job allow our students to easily find very good internships during their studies and ensures a professional appointment soon after graduation.


1st Year or (integrated) Preparatory Year 

  • Drawing of observation
  • Painting
  • Creativity: sources et resources
  • Photography
  • History of Art
  • Graphic Design
  • English
  • etc

2nd, 3rd & 4th Years

  • Interior Architecture
  • Design
  • Scenography
  • History of Architecture, furniture & design
  • Building Technology
  • Materials
  • C.A.D. (computer aided design): Autocad, Sketch up, V Ray, Artlantis, Photoshop…
  • C.A.M. (computer aided manufacturing (3D Printing))
  • etc

5th Year

During this year, the student completes two 3-month internships in (interior) architecture, design or scenography offices. Then, the student follows 4 months of courses to carry out two graduation’s projects: one in interior architecture and one in design. He presents them to a jury of professionals authorized to issue the CAD degree.

During the same period, he attends 160 hours of business management courses including accounting, tax, entrepreneurship, law, professional ethics …


1st Year

  • Two 1-week internships during the Easter period: 1 in a structural company and 1 in a carpentry company.

2nd year

  • 2 weeks at a general contractor during the Easter period.

3rd Year

  • 4 weeks in an (interior) architecture or design office during the summer holidays.
  • 3 weeks in an (interior) architecture or design office during the Easter period.

4th Year

  • 10 weeks in an (interior) architecture or design office between July and the end of October.
  • 3 weeks in an (interior) architecture or design office during the Easter Period.

5th Year

  • Two 3-month internships in an (interior) architecture or design office between July and the end of February. At least one of the two internships must be completed abroad (outside Belgium and the student’s country of origin).

All internships must be submitted to the pedagogical committee for approval. The goal is indeed to develop, together with the student, a mix of internships as to achieve a complete training while taking the student’s future aspirations into account.