5-Year Program

Course 1 : 3 years in Advertising, Graphic & Digital Design – 180 ECTS
Course 2 : 2 years in UX & Motion Design – 120 ECTS
Total : 5 years – 300 ECTS

The worlds of communication and advertising have changed a lot. Internet, social media and now connected objects, have changed the ways of communicating, designing and creating advertising.

The relationship between clients of advertising agencies (advertisers) and their customers (consumers) have multiplied. Today, dialogue and exchanges have been established between the two parties. In addition to the “traditional” media, advertising is now expressed via websites, e-mailing, mobile applications, online games, street marketing, brand activation, motion design … Consequently, many advertisers require agencies to be able to propose and to create all types of possible media for their communication.

As future communication professionals, students must hence be able to create advertising concepts on all types of media, create magazine covers, imagine a new logo, create a new brand identity, develop a new packaging. In digital design, students work on the creation of websites interfaces, banners, mobile applications…

After three years in ADVERTISING, GRAPHIC & DIGITAL DESIGN, students can begin a specialisation in UX (User Experience) & MOTION DESIGN.

Specialisation in UX & Motion Design

During this specialisation, students move away from the “traditional courses” to work on bigger projects where teachers act as coaches at different times during those projects.

During the first year of specialisation in UX & Motion design, students create graphical interfaces (mobile app, connected objects …). They also learn animation techniques and work on Motion design projects.

During the second year, they can choose to specialise in one of the two disciplines for their internships (2 x 3 months) and their two graduation projects.

Note that, during the last year, the students also have a lot of courses of management.

More info about UX and the Philosophy of our teaching method

The Scrum/agile working method is used in start-ups/small agencies that want to boost their efficiency of operations. In this kind of teams working with a limited number of people, one has no access to unlimited resources. In this context, a designer, to deserve his place and play his role, must understand and master all the different parts of the product creation, from the initial conception until the delivery of the final product.

Students doing the specialisation in UX & Motion Design will work following this working method and will hence learn to become autonomous, versatile, more profitable for the agency and thus more sought after. They will quickly become project managers and/or owners of the agencies they have created because they will be better able to lead and deal with the various stakeholders.

More info about Motion Design

The Motion Design or more precisely the “Motion Graphic Design” is the art to give life to graphic elements such as images, pictograms, typography, video, 3D … all synchronized with a chosen sound.

These various creative animations can be used for commercials (Internet, cinema, television), interface animations (web, mobile …), video outputs (music videos, movie credits, etc.) or to create graphic universes in various fields (visual identities, video games, …).

The motion designer has to develop a certain versatility: being able to jump from a 2D to a 3D video software, to use Photoshop, he must also have notions of sound design. He also needs to be able to work together with specialists (3D modellers, sound designers, actors …) in order to achieve the best possible result.

The CAD graduate will have the capabilities to realise those projects by himself but also to lead a full team of animation production.

The Classes

Preparatory Year (integrated)

– Drawing
– Painting
– Observational Drawing
– Study of forms
– Creation: Sources and Resources
– Photography
– Artistic Culture and History of Arts
– English
– Analysis and Synthesis
– Creative Techniques
– Graphic Design
– Digital Native
– IT (DTP)

2nd & 3rd years in Advertising, Graphic & Digital Design

– Advertising Conception with Agency Teams
– Digital Creation (websites, mobile applications, etc.)
– Brand Activation (alternative and guerilla marketing, etc.)
– Typography
– Graphic Design
– Art Direction
– Copywriting (Digital minded)
– Production of Radio Spots (in a studio)
– Corporate Identity
– Production and Direction of Commercials (TV and web)
– Photography
– Pictures Retouch
– Layout & Storyboard
– Packaging
– E-production: study of computer software for the web
– Usability, Ergonomics of Websites, Mobile Applications, etc.
– IT (DTP)
– Artistic Culture

Specialisation in UX & Motion Design

During this specialisation, students move away from the “traditional courses” to work on less but bigger projects where teachers act as coaches at different times during those projects.

4th year, Quarter 1 – Focus on UX/UI

The students have to create a brand-new app or completely rethink an existing app. Focus will be on content and design (What does the customer want? What is the customer journey, …?) During this project, emphasis is also put on the process to create and design a new app (using the Scrum/Agile Method)

During this Quarter, students already start with courses to prepare for their Q2 projects in Motion Design: After effects – Compositing 2D – Photoshop – Sketch.

4th year, Quarter 2 – Focus on Motion Design

The students have to work on a motion project of their choice (informative video, movie or TV shows credit, telling a story, …)

Aside from their main project, students also have smaller projects (logo animation, music video clip) in order to gain more and more confidence with the main softwares.

4th year, Quarter 3 – UX + Motion Design

The students have to re-design an existing app and create the associated promotional video in Motion Design.

5th year

After their 2 internships of 3 months each, the students return to the CAD for 4 months where they have 160 hours of business management courses (including courses in accounting, taxation, entrepreneurship, law, etc) while preparing their two graduation projects. Those projects can be in UX and/or Motion depending on the chosen specialty.


1st year

– 2 weeks in the sales or marketing a business (during the Easter period)

2nd year

– 2 weeks in an integrated advertising agency (during the Easter period)

3rd year

– 4 weeks in an advertising agency during the summer holidays (this course counts for the 3rd year).

– 3 weeks in an advertising agency (during the Easter period)

4th year

– 10 weeks in an advertising agency between July and October (this course counts for the 4th year).

– 3 weeks in an advertising agency (during the Easter holidays). This choice will depend on the direction the student wants to take in his future career.

5th year

– 2 x 3 months in an advertising agency after the end-of-4th year jury. At least one of the two internships must be abroad (outside Belgium and the student’s country of origin).

Note: We ask the students to complete internships in advertising agencies, digital agencies and integrated agencies. The last 2 internships will be completed in the chosen specialty.