4 years – 240 ECTS

The worlds of communication and advertising have changed a lot. Internet, social media and now connected objects, have changed the ways of communicating, designing and creating advertising.

The relationship between clients of advertising agencies (advertisers) and their customers (consumers) have multiplied. Today, dialogue and exchanges have been established between the two parties. Traditional media are still present, but an increasing proportion of advertising budget is now spent on websites, e-mailing, social medial, mobile applications, online games, guerrilla marketing, brand activation, motion design … Consequently, many advertisers require agencies to be able to propose and create a global communication using all types of available media.

As future communication professionals, students must hence be able to first create advertising concepts which they then adapt on all types of media: create a new brand identity, imagine a new logo, develop a new packaging, create new web interfaces, new banners, new mobile apps, while using the social media corresponding to the communication strategy.

After three years in ADVERTISING – GRAPHIC & DIGITAL DESIGN, students can undertake a specialisation in UX (User Experience) & MOTION DESIGN or finish their programme in 4 years, without completing the specialisation.


1st Year or (integrated) Preparatory year

  • Drawing of observation
  • Painting
  • Creativity: sources et resources
  • Photography
  • History of Art
  • Graphic Design
  • English
  • etc

2nd & 3rd Years

  • Advertising Conception with Agency Teams
  • Digital Creation (websites, mobile applications, etc.)
  • Brand Activation (alternative and guerilla marketing, etc.)
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Layout & Storyboard
  • Packaging design
  • Production and Direction of Commercials (TV and web)
  • Photography
  • etc

4th Year

During this year, the student completes two 3-month internships in an agency. Then, the student follows 4 months of courses to carry out his graduation’s project: the complete revamping of an existing brand. He presents his project to a jury of professionals authorized to issue the CAD degree.

During the same period, he attends 160 hours of business management courses including accounting, tax, entrepreneurship, law, professional ethics …


1st Year

  • 2 weeks in the sales or marketing department of a big company during the Easter period.

2nd Year

  • 2 weeks in an agency during the Easter period.

3rd Year

  • 4 weeks in an agency during the summer holidays.
  • 3 weeks in an agency during the Easter period.

4th Year

  • Two 3-month internships in an agency between July and the end of February. At least one of the two internships must be completed abroad (outside Belgium and the student’s country of origin).

All internships must be submitted to the pedagogical committee for approval. The goal is indeed to develop, together with the student, a mix of internships as to achieve a complete training while taking the student’s future aspirations into account.