The CAD is a private college* of design located in Brussels. Founded in 1961, the CAD is one of the few art colleges in continental Europe to offer Anglo-Saxon education in the fields of interior architecture, design, advertising, graphic & digital design, UX design, motion design and 3D image design.

The CAD is basically a school for creative people.

Practice is the basis of its teaching method.


The teaching method is Anglo-Saxon, that is based on practice. There is almost no theoretical class.

Students are supervised only by great professionals, active and renown in their sector. Students perform exercises very close to those they will meet in their future professional life.

The teachers work with the student on the basis of his initial idea. This method is very motivating because the student is confronted, from the first year on, with the real problems of his future job. This method requires a very important supervision, and this is one of the great strengths of the CAD: ± 170 students are supervised by ± 60 teachers.

The CAD is a school with a human dimension. The classes are made up of a small number of students, which ensures a personalized follow-up and a “familial” atmosphere very appreciated by the students who feel supported.

The students carry out many internships in companies, and this throughout their studies (almost a full year of internships over a 5-year programme). These successive internships allow the student not only to be confronted with the reality of his future professional environment but also to orient himself little by little towards the precise sector and the type of agency or design office that will suit him later.


There are 24 nationalities among CAD students.

Classes are taught in English (gradually in Year 1). Only a few courses are given in French. The goal of the CAD is for its graduates to be bilingual and to be able to practice their future profession all over the world.

The international mentality is also developed through study trips as well as workshops, abroad and in Brussels, with guests from other European schools. Finally, the many internships, some of which must be completed abroad, also make the CAD a unique place to study by opening up to the world.

The CAD has been a member of the CUMULUS Association since 2013. This organisation brings together some 200 public and private art schools worldwide ( One of the aims of this association is to help its members organize these international workshops (for a duration of 1, 2 or 3 weeks). The CAD works with the UK, China, France but also with Australia, Finland, Italy, etc.

We note that our students do their internships all over the world and come back from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, Shanghai, Barcelona, New York, Montreal, London, Milan, Sydney … The CAD now has a database of all these international internships, which makes it easier for our students to fulfil their dream.

As a result: 97% of CAD graduates find their job in less than 3 months.

*As a private college, the CAD does not issue a state degree.