3D Image Design Short Programme

In the course of one year, students learn to do various types of “fixed” 3D images with different techniques, including 3dsmax, photoshop and after-effects. They can then work in design offices (regional planning, urban planning, architecture, interior architecture, product and furniture design), advertising agencies, web design offices, photography studios, animation studios (to create the 3D sets), television studios (to create virtual sets for TV channels), real estate development companies, etc.

For those who choose to do this one year of study, they will receive a diploma that immediately offers them many opportunities because 3D is becoming increasingly popular and sought after.

Note: The prerequisite in drawing and Photoshop are very important since being able to create these 3D images in one year is a challenging task. Those who do not have the appropriate level in drawing and/or Photoshop must first complete the CAD’s PREPARATORY year before entering the 3D DESIGN program.

This year of specialisation can also be performed as an addition for students enrolled in the CAD’s programs of Design, Architecture, Interior Design, etc.

The Courses of the 3d Image Design Programme

  • 3D Design
  • 3D Compositing
  • Drawing (2 different courses)
  • 2D Compositing
  • Photography
  • Matte Painting
  • Photoshop
  • Texturing
  • 3D Mapping

Graduation Jury

At the end of this one year, the student must present a culminating, final work in addition to all of his best works from throughout the year to a professional jury. This jury is entitled to award the degree of the CAD.


A 1-month internship in an urban design office, architecture office, interior design office, design office, digital agency, photography studio, 3D animation studio, real estate development company, etc. must be completed during the Easter holidays.

For more information on the admission procedure, please proceed to the Admission to 1st year page.