Andrea, CAD alumn, tells us about her experience during the first TEDxCADBrussels.

By 11 August 2019News

“As a creative designer, former CAD student and part of the EVO digital marketing company, it was very exciting to attend the 1st ever TEDxCADBrussels. Such an inspiring event, especially around the theme of “creativity”. I personally appreciated the variety of speakers, and how each of them explained their own vision of everyday life creativity. There was much talk about the environment, and about everybody’s ability to be imaginative in all kinds of situations, whether they have a creative job or not. As the afternoon went by, we could sense the audience relating more and more to the messages the speakers wanted to convey.

I can confidently say that every participant had learned something new by the end of the day. Some probably started making small changes to their daily habits after listening to Circul’R and Arnaud de la Tour, and others might start facing their fears and anxieties thanks to Oona Sainio. Maybe some are no longer afraid of sharks thanks to Jean-Marc Rodelet.

I was especially inspired by Maya Hayuk’s – dare I say – performance; she is a passionate and extremely talented painter. Another person who captivated me was Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and his architectural projects, the technicality and creativity simply blew me away.

When the last speakers concluded their talk, we could not believe the event was coming to an end. Guided by Dirk Daenen’s introductions and small jokes, we had been too focused to even look at the time.

I believe the hard work and dedication of all the organisers, students, speakers and others involved paid off. At the end of the day, the audience left the room more conscious of the creativity surrounding them, and within themselves.”