Admission to 3rd year


The candidate will present his full course program (year by year), academic record of each year, and a book or portfolio for possible inclusion in the suitable level curriculum. Additionally, he may be asked to complete a task to better gauge his knowledge level.


Candidates for admission to the CAD are selected upon interview during which the student will present a list of the classes he has followed (year by year) as well as the transcripts of the grades he obtained in each of the classes. On top of this, a portfolio will also be presented in order for the CAD to assess which year is the most adapted for the student. It might be that the CAD requires the realisation of a small project to better judge the student’s level.

The CAD expects the student to be highly motivated and have sufficient maturity to undertake studies that require personality, creativity, curiosity and openness. In fact, the CAD selects young people who have passion and desire for what they want and who have a real personality with “something to say.” Selections begin during the OPEN DAYS in late February. Note that there is no deadline given the presence of a “numerus clausus.”


Note that you must also have a sufficient level of English (TOEIC equivalent of 750 points total in Reading/Listening and 300 points total in Speaking/Writing by the end of 2nd year). Courses from the 2nd year onward are taught mainly in English.


1st step:

On the contact page, ask for the registration form.

2nd step:

Send your completed pre-admission record (by email or post) including:

. the administrative record

. a motivation letter (to be completed in English)

. an artistic folder (copy of drawings, photographs, works of your choice)

. a copy of the diploma as well as the grades obtained for each successful year in a college of applied arts, or a PREPARATORY year or BTS in visual communication, advertising, graphic or space design, product design, communication design, or space and volume.

3rd step:

The CAD conducts a pre-selection screening process.

4th step:

If you are pre-selected, you are then quickly contacted to arrange an appointment for an interview in Brussels (anytime after the OPEN DAYS at the end of February) or in Paris (end of May or early June – exact dates to be announced). For rare exceptions, the interview can be done by SKYPE for candidates living in a distant country.

For this interview, the candidate must bring the following:

. a final year secondary school certificate or a copy of the diploma (CESS or BACCALAUREAT all series + possible other degrees)

. 4 recent passport photographs

. a copy (front and back) of the identity card or passport