Admission to 1st year (integrated preparatory year)


To be admitted to the CAD, the student must be in possession of an upper secondary school diploma (or BAC). He will present his application (see composition below) during an interview.


Candidates for admission to the CAD are selected upon interview. The CAD expects the student to be highly motivated and have sufficient maturity to undertake studies that require personality, creativity, curiosity and openness. In fact, the CAD selects young people who have passion and desire for what they want and who have a real personality with “something to say.” Selections begin during the OPEN DAYS in late February. Note that there is no deadline given the presence of a “numerus clausus.”


The CAD is an institution with an international orientation; therefore, many classes are held in English. Because of this, the student must speak and read the language. For those whose first language is not English, the level (as a second language) reached during secondary school is usually enough to start the first year of the CAD program. The programs are structured to gradually reach the level required if the student participates in all courses, follows the training in English and performs all required tests. Candidates must have an equivalent level of 480 points total in TOEIC Listening/Reading and 210 points total in TOEIC Speaking/Writing (the levels normally reached at the end of a good high school program). During the selection process, the motivation questionnaire will be presented in English. Additionally, an English evaluation test will be organized upon entrance to the program.


1st step:

On the contact page, ask for the registration form.

2nd step:

Send your completed pre-registration file (by email or post) including:

. the administrative file

. a motivation letter (to be completed in English)

. an artistic folder (copy of drawings, photographs, works to choose from)

Note: Some candidates who did not participtate in previous artistic courses (principal or optional) can still be accepted. If they meet the selection criteria described below, they will be required to complete drawing lessons during their own time and a “summer school” program at the CAD in September before the start of classes.

3rd step:

The CAD conducts a pre-selection screening process.

4th step:

If you are pre-selected, you are then quickly contacted to arrange a meeting for an interview in Brussels (anytime after the OPEN DAYS at the end of February). The interview can be done by SKYPE for candidates living in a distant country.

For this interview, the candidate must bring the following:

. a final year secondary school certificate or a copy of the diploma (CESS or BACCALAUREAT all series + possible other degrees)

. a copy of the notes (transcripts) of the last two academic years

. 4 recent passport photographs

. a copy (front and back) of the identity card or passport

. potentially a complement to the artistic folder/portfolio