Admissions begin at the CAD OPEN DAYS which take place in February, and continue as space permits. Note that there is no registration deadline given the presence of a “numerus clausus.”

For admissions to higher years, please refer to the bottom of this page.


To be eligible for the CAD, students must have a high school diploma (CESS, International, French or European Baccalaureate).


Candidates for entry to the CAD are preselected on file and selected on interview.

1st step:

Online registration

NB: Some candidates who have not followed an artistic course of study may nevertheless be accepted. If they meet the selection criteria, they will have to take drawing classes by themselves and attend Summer School at the CAD in September before classes start. With rare exceptions, Summer School is attended by most students who have already followed an art course.

2nd step:
The CAD proceeds to the preselection phase.

3rd step:
Preselected candidates are rapidly contacted to arrange an appointment for the selection interview in Brussels (which can be at any time from the Open Days at the end of February onwards). If need be, this interview can be conducted via Skype or FaceTime for candidates who live in a distant country.

For this interview, candidates will need to bring:

  • (CESS or BACCALAUREATE all series + other possible diplomas);
  • A copy of grades achieved in the last 2 academic years;
  • 1 recent passport picture;
  • A double-sided copy of his/her ID card or passport;
  • A possible add-on to the artistic file


The CAD expects of students to have creative potential, be motivated, and mature enough to undertake studies that require personality, creativity, curiosity and openness. The CAD selects young people who have a real personality and have “things to say”.

In addition, during this interview, and this is very important, the candidate’s level of general and artistic knowledge will be examined.


The CAD is an institution with an international outlook. As a result, classes are taught in English. This is why students must speak and read English fluently. For those whose mother tongue is not English, the level (as a second language) attained in high school is generally sufficient to start the first-year programme. The programmes are structured so the required level is reached in 2 years, if the student participates in all the courses, follows the English classes and carries out all the requested tests.

At entry, candidates must have an equivalent level of 5 pts in overall band score at the IELTS test (level usually reached at the end of high school). During the selection interview, a motivation questionnaire will be presented in English. An evaluation test will be organised at registration.



Direct admission to the 2nd year is reserved for students who have had at least one successful year in a college of arts, have completed a PREPARATORY year or a BTS in visual communication, advertising and graphic design or in product, communication, space and volume design.
Note: the entry level of English must be of 6 pts in the overall band score at the IELTS test.


Direct admission to the 3rd year is reserved for students who have completed at least two successful years in a college of applied arts in a similar field.
Note: the entry level of English must be of 7 pts in the overall band score at the IELTS test.


Selection is personalised and done in an interview, during which the candidate will present his/her complete curriculum (year by year), academic record and a book or portfolio to integrate the programme at the appropriate level. Candidates may be asked to complete a specific project to better gauge their skills.

Direct admissions to the Postgraduate (MA) Professional Programme


Direct entry to the MA Professional PART TIME programme in one of the 4 programmes offered is open to students or working professionals wishing to add a complementary technical skill to their CV.
Admissions are open from January in the year the programme starts. The school year starts in October. There is only one intake per year.
Students or professionals can continue to work in a company or on a freelance basis during this year of study.
These programmes are reserved for people with at least one degree in communication, creation, design or fashion or with 3 to 5 years of professional experience in the targeted field or a related field. A candidate’s level of English is not a deciding factor for these programmes.


The selection process is personalised and carried out in an in-person or remote interview during which the candidate will present his/her CV (year by year), academic and/or professional record and a portfolio showing his/her activities over the last 3 years.
The candidate’s integration may be conditional on the completion of a refresher course in September before joining the programme.